Reflection of my soul

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Tonight, I cannot think of any other photo which would frame my state of mind more accurately. It it cold and deserted. It is gray. That eye in the sky? A mirror which I am forced to gaze into, and what should be there except more corridors leading to more questions - can you feel the cold northern wind blowing?

I seek warmth and answers... I seek the comforting lights of Vegas in the warm summer breeze to guide me home. Am I on the right path?

Location: Montreal, QC


t.r.b said...

well done picture.....i hope you find your peace;)

Sian said...

Oh you poor thing. Wishing warm spring breezes and a swift passing for winter.

Prin said...


Well, if you're on the way to Audi, probably not. They're not very reliable. :D