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Thursday, March 27, 2008


...or rather, architectural vestiges. A bit of history behind this dinosaur's remains:

"The Angus factory (built in 1901 and employing over 5,000 workers) assembled and maintained trains and engines for the Canadian Pacific Railway. During WWII, it also built some tanks for the US and English armies. In the late 70's its production started to greatly decline and in its last year of operation (1990), it produced only 4 wagons.

When the Angus yards finally closed, it decimated the economy of Eastern Montreal.

The factory itself was composed of more than 33 buildings. It used to be the biggest industrial complex in Canada, sprawling over 1 million square meters (~ 4,3 million square feet).

In 1997, the city decided to build an enormous residential and commercial complex over the space, destroying most of the original buildings and leaving only the 2 biggest buildings and some gutted-out walls and supporting structures."

RIP, old gal.

Location: Montreal, QC


Piper said...

Love the sludge on the road :) Beautiful shot!

Technodoll said...

LOL I don't even notice the sludge anymore... it's always there! *grin*