Ode to Vegas

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Sappy post of the month..! The brittle winter cold cannot penetrate the warm fortress that is my heart when Vegas is here with me... Look into his eyes and you will see my reflection - and that is no coincidence. I will let Depeche Mode sum it up with lyrics from "I Am You":

Dark obsession in the name of love
This addiction that we're both part of
Leads us deeper into mystery
Keeps us craving endlessly

Strange compulsions that I can't control
Pure possession of my heart and soul
I must live with this reality
I am you and you are me

Photo location: Montreal, QC


t.r.b said...

too inspiring;)

Jessica said...

So sweet.....he's handsome :)

Dolce said...

Beautiful lyrics and freaking HOT Vegas. Wow, TD, he's gorgeous.

Nathalie in Avignon said...

Oh what a beautiful shot and love declaration!

He's so handsome, and what a gorgeous smile !

(my smoking couple was nothing near that sexy!!!)

1218Blog said...

Somebody is in L.O.V.E.!!!! So sweet. What a hot one you got there! Did you say he was British? Even hotter!

Technodoll said...

Um, I hope my man doesn't get all embarassed by this... bet he's happy I didn't post a pic of his gorgeous blue eyes and all! *evil grin*

hipster said...

oh yeah, he sizzles....;)

lucky girl!