For the girls

Friday, March 7, 2008

Photobucket promised... my shy little bro by the lake near his place on the mountain-top. I love this guy!

Location: St-Paul d'Abbotsford, QC


Elisabeth said...


Deutlich said...

oh. shit.

you weren't kidding

heeelllooooooooooooooooooooo lil' brother. AND he's tattooed?! wtf, why y'all gotta be so damn far AWAY!

he's single, right?


ok. it doesn't even matter if he is. you are on the other side of the continent, after all.

but DAYUM. for reals.

Prin said...

There he is! Reer. He needs better shoes. Tell him next time he gets secretly shown off, he should wear better shoes. :D

A Martini Always Helps said...

Ummm.......when's the next time he's coming to Phoenix? :)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Ok so not sure if its the body, the tats or THAT SMILE!!!
If I beg for more should I be embarrassed?

voiceinmyhead said...

daaaaammmmn. thanks for throwing us girls a bone!!

PrincessB said...

Dayam! guys WANT a visitor from the US, right? right?


petite shrimp said...

My bro is sexayyyy. :]
hahaha soeur, t'es mieux qu'il voit pas ├ža ;D

Prin said...

Techno, is it really gross that everybody's hittin' on your lil bro? :D

Technodoll said...

LOL nah... he's got a killer bod so why not share the eye-candy, LOL!

He also has a girlfriend (sorry girls) but hey, chocolate has fat and calories and that's just the way the world goes.

Funny that my little sister (petite shrimp) is also pitching in on the fun, he he! I also posted a couple photos of her with Miss Maya the Siamese on this blog so it's only fair.

What a fambly!

hipster said...

another sizzler!!! wooohoo!!! nice, very nice! ;)

Sian said...

Very pretty :)
I loved reading these comments too. You guys are so funny.

Lady Luck said...

You need to move him to california PRONTO.

Rebecca said...

I love Canadian Boys!