Maika, aka "peanut"

Thursday, January 31, 2008


I call her the Ying of the pair - they could not have more different personalities than if you had designed them that way for a laugh. My gentle, demure and quiet girl with the wicked sense of humor, who is as rambunctuous and rebellious outside as she is softspoken and smart inside. My snugglebunny, the old lady in a fur coat. Thank you for sharing our lives and making it whole - we love you!

Dakotah, aka "melon head"


My big sweet boy... there could not be a more loving or gentler soul in this bear of a dog. He greets every morning like a precious gift from above to be celebrated, every human with happy kisses and a furiously wagging bum. A romeo in love with life. My protector and my best friend. Mommy loves you soooo much!


v_july 6 07 081.jpg

I'm not the only one who adores wild beaches...

Location: Riviere-Ouelle, QC

Who's laughing now?


I couldn't resist snapping these buggers, they seemed so happy yet so ludicrous at the same time: try me! I talk! Hmm wonder what they would say...

Location: Brighton Pier, Brighton UK

Congruent beauty

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Sometimes it's not the flower that attracts your eye, but an inconspicuous burp of nature, a flaw, a bizarre coupling that, when taken in its entirety, makes absolute sense.

Location: Eastern Townships, QC

Wisps of summer


Ah yes... long lazy warm afternoons by the pool, cold drink in hand and the hum of the city long forgotten when surrounded by nature and gentle lapping water. Bliss.

Location: Arnprior, ON

Art for play

Antique, hand crafted wooden horse head in a California back yard... the rest of the body is shaped like a barrel with a real saddle attached - a most perfect and original child's toy.

Location: Venice, CA

To the end of the world

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a man and his dog.JPG

Is there a greater joy than exploring a bay at low tide on a warm summer night? I didn't think so!

Location: St-Fabien-Sur-Mer, QC

I dream of summer

v_july 6 07 191.jpg

Misty morning along the St-Lawrence Seaway - can you smell the fresh salty sea air as it moves across the wet green marshes?

Location: Riviere-Ouelle, QC

Salty seas lend to sweet dreams

Malibu 249.jpg

Surf's up! The waning light shadows up the rising tide as kitesurfers take in some last waves before sundown.

Location: Malibu, CA

Echoes of yester-year

Brighton2 072.jpg

Some Brighton Laines are interconnected by old narrow passages that are great fun to walk through, unless you suffer from claustraphobia! In this particular shot the clouds were piling up, creating an eerie "calm before the storm" effect - what an awesome day though!

Location: Brighton, UK

Welcome to my new lounge

A neighborhood building, original circa 1920's but the stairs were patched up a decade or so ago.

Location: Montreal, QC