Sunday tam-tams, revisited

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The next few photos will be hosted by last Sunday's hippie tam-tams held on the side of the mountain which graces the middle of our beautiful city... the hot spring weather drew out the crowds like bees to fresh spring flowers. It was fun, it was colorful, it was... busy!

Location: Montreal, QC


Deutlich said...

aww - i'm a lil' sad to see all the trash lying around :( there ARE trash cans..

Technodoll said...

Yeah, that is mostly leftovers from winter and stuff... see all the dead leaves on the ground?

Cleanup crews (volunteer citizens) gather up there every spring do to a giant cleanup (bring your own garbage bags, LOL), plant trees and promote "green".

But humans will be messy and careless, no matter what.