Of lions and lambs

Monday, April 21, 2008


Spring just sprung upon us like a lion on a lamb... I had a lovely time drinking in the warm sun this weekend as did, apparently, half of the city! This week's theme will be the newly-green parks and the people enjoying them.

Location: Montreal QC


Vegas said...

haha brilliant :)

Deutlich said...

I love how people come out like CRAZY at the slightest hint of warmth

aww.. yay spring!

Sian said...

I am glad your cruddy winter is over. What a huge relief for you all. Have fun!

Technodoll said...

Vegas, I knew you would "get" this photo ;-)

Deutlich, like kids to a candystore on a "free cone" day!

Sian, the past two weeks have been absolute heaven! Yay!