Grey giants

Friday, October 3, 2008


Man made the behemoths, woman photographed it :-)


Vegas said...

great pic - really sweet effect

MaryAnn Ashley said...

You placed the clouds well... Industrial Autumn was very funny.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I scrolled down through your photographs and was somewhat surprised that a lot more people have not left comments. Almost everything I saw deserved a lot more attention than it is getting. Your photography is very good and will only get better as your thinking process develops more around your ideas. Wow. Some of the stuff is mind boggling.

I came here from Chica's blog where you left a comment.

If you decide to come to my blog try My Birds Blog first and then the new one I am just trying to figure out, Tweet Tweets. The Brookville Daily Photo blog got big and I got sick and deleted all of the posts and started over in disgust. LOL

Pod said...

this is a great shot!
thanks so much for your encouraging comments. keep up the good work!

Sian said...

The more I looked at this picture the most striking it became.
Great shot TD :o)

Lola Smiles said...

as much as I find it depressing, it's beautiful too!

am I making sense!? LOL

Anna said...

What an awesome picture